Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Projects

This summer I have been trying to keep myself busy with different projects. My first project was my purple frames/ hair accessories holder in my summer post last week. What I worked on last/ this week is painting my desk.... Projects to come are.... Painting my canopy bed frame....Painting my sisters's canopy bed frame lime green.... finding a chair to use with my dest maybe painting and reupholster that as well.... here are a few before and after pictures of my desk and bed hopefully there will be more pictures to come soon of more projects let me know if you have any fun project ideas I can try!!!

ok so this isn't my desk its my brothers but mine used to look exactly like this one.....

it looks like your basic desk just brown, little cubby, and pull out shelf.

this is my desk after I painted it black!!!

still your basic desk just a sleeker look and it gives me a better place to do my hair and make up! Hopefully by next weekend I will have a Vanity mirror to hang above it to make it more vanityish and less deskish....

this is the before picture of my bed frame I'm painting it black also.....

Why so much black you ask?

Well hopefully when we move it will be into a house or condo so I can do my own room. I have a giant vinyl eiffel tower I want to put on a bright white wall and have my desk and bed both black and find a gorgeous bright yellow bed spread/ throw..... I also have a little purple shelf that hangs on the wall and matching purple frames and two purple boards with vinyl on them too. One says Katee/ daughter of a king that I made at GC and the other says Virtue/ let it garnish your thoughts unceasingly then shall thy confidence wax strong.... I hope to also paint my white bookshelf yellow and have fabric storage boxes in yellow purple white and black! I hope my room turns out the way I am visioning it! My mom helps so much and I get great ideas from friends.... something I'm looking for ideas on right now is a shoe holder shelf/ separater rack thing what ever you want to call it.... if you have any cute ideas for one leave a comment!! My inspiring quote for this post is.....
My dreams/ projects all started with a blog post and a birthday gift from mom :D
What have your dreams started with?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soundtrack of My Life.....

**Warning this is an "interactive" post it requires some work on your part**

So I got the idea to write in ways a "soundtrack" of my life from my friend Hannah's english 1010 homework. I thought the assignment sounded interesting and even though I am taking the same class this fall, I thought why not do it now?? So it basically is songs that remind me of events and people in my life. Now this is where your part comes in, see that playlist ----> ---> the songs go in order of the events and people so when the song is mentioned you can click on it and play as much of the song as your little hearts desire and move on to the next when it is mentioned... so here we go.....

I chose Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" to describe myself because I have always been a city girl, I'm in to fashion, make-up, interior design, shopping, and anything that sparkles.... I thought this song said it the best.... although I don't think I need a man with money necessarily to make me happy... so that part doesn't count.. :D

The next song "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle reminds me of when I was little and my parents would get me to fall asleep and when I would go with my mom to take my dad to work I remember hearing this song a lot it makes me happy... and sleepy....

"I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis reminds me of my mom, she used to sing me this song and she loved the part that says: "You've got the most stumblin' blue eyes I've ever seen" it is 1:42 into the song if you wanna skip to that little part.... I used to have blue eyes when i was younger... now they are green....I love my mom she is amazing and is my best friend!!

Ah "You're the One that I Want"...... Saturday nights my family would always go grocery shopping at Macey's in west jordan and listen to Showtunes Saturday night on Kozy 106.5 to and from the store. Grease has always been one of my favorite musicals.....

N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" is kind of a random note here.... Krysta and I used to fight a lot when we were younger but what sisters didn't?? I remember one time imparticular she got the new N'Sync CD and she would never let me listen to it... so one day when she wasn't in our room I took the CD and broke it... I was a stupid child cuz now neither one of us could listen to the Cd and I still got in trouble winning there except that I made Krysta mad.....

Glee's cover of "Beth" represents my family moving to Ammon Idaho in 2004, but my dad stayed and lived in Utah with my grandparents for his job so he could only come up on weekends... song is kinda self explanitory on this one but can I just say I LOVEE puck off of Glee he is soo studdly....*sigh*

"Shake yo Groove Thang..." by Peaches & Herb reminds me of my Dad... he loves disco and I just love this song so it works.... It also reminds me of when my brothers and sister and I would get up at 4 AM and do a paper route and we would have to listen to "dad music" while we did our routes.....

"I Say a Little Prayer" by my sista Aretha, reminds me of my best friend from Idaho, Jessica Dawn Hart the 1st.... We were driving down the main street in Idaho Falls, 17th street, one night and we were blasting this song as she drove... we even had actions and did them for cars next to us.. it was marvelous :D I miss Jess and love her just as much as my own sister in fact she is...

Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul" reminds me of another friend from Idaho Silvana we would always have sleep overs and drool over Jesse McCartney and listened to this song over and over again....

"Wild Wild West" by Will Smith you ask....? Well, I couldn't drive when we lived in Idaho so my older brother Marcus always had to drive my friends and I around and we would ask him to play this song all the time after it randomly came on one time... my friends and I memorized the lyrics and I can proudly still sing along... so it reminds me of Marcus and his random gangsta moments....

"We're all in this together" by none other than the High School Musical Cast reminds me of my very first ballroom dance group performance we did a cha cha to this song... I miss IBA... 2nd best Swing Dancer in Gem State BABY!!! I won't make you listen to this song any more you can turn it off....

"Mercy" by Duffy is mainly used for the title not so much the lyrics... it represents the 1st time I sluffed a class in middle school in 8th grade... Mrs. Snowden's english class with Silvana... needless to say we got caught and I was in BIG trouble... but so was Daniel because he set the example for me ;) so i begged for Mercy.... thus the song Mercy!

Oh "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's... We were moving back down to Utah in 2007 I think and I was riding in the U-Haul with my dad and this song came on like 90 times while we were driving down and it has a sad melody so it fit the situation... i loved idaho and still do i miss it so much but i've had so many great memories in utah I get to tell you about now....

"Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley reminds me of my brother Daniel... when we moved back down to utah it was his senior year and it was really hard for him so we got really close, not that we weren't already... we were born on the same day, June 6th, 3 years apart and we have stuck together since then..... I would also say the song "I'm awesome" by spose reminds me of him as well but I couldn't post that on my blog... its kinda inappropriate you can look it up on your own if you wish.. my favorite part is "and if you like this.. its cuz i'm little sister wrote it" haha we listened to it for the 1st time in an arctic cirle drive thru and couldn't stop laughing at the lyrics :D

Michael Buble... who doesn't love him? "Everything" reminds me of 9th grade and my friend Matt... in science we would pass a notebook back and forth and just write song lyrics on it and we still give each other great songs to listen to... and he still has the notebook he is a cutie..

"Fifteen" by Taylor Swift obviously reminds me of when I was fifteen and starting High School at Huge Copper Hills it was scary but I had great friends and got to go while my sister was a senior which made it easier and this song came out oddly that same year.....

"Forever" by Chris Brown reminds me of my first high school dance.. the Hello stomp after the 1st home game of the year.... I went with my sister and some of her friends. I remember this song from the stomp specifically because when it came on it was like someone hit the partay button and turned it on HIGH!! I remember dancing with Eric Diamond, Krysta, Caitlyn Rassmensen, Tommy Nudd, and Stefan Warren... they were all seniors and I was a sophmore the guys were wearing sunna shades, just a random note, and I felt cool... so now I always remember the stomp when iI listen to it and those guys and how crazy they were and also how lucky I was to also have all those cute boys in my seminary class :D

"Wild at Heart" by Gloriana reminds me of my sister Krysta and the great year we had together her senior year and my sophmore year.... we hung out a lot.. her friends were my friends and my friends were her friends too .we went on random adventures together and got really close that year and she used to sing this song religiously...

"All the Above" by Maino ft. T-Pain, reminds me of the summer in between my Sophmore and Junior year, it continued my sister and I's "adventures" that summer.. one I remember the most is we were driving my cousin Jeff's truck down some street in Riverton listening to this song when a huge truck full of cowboys pulled up next to us and started dancing to this song.... we sped away laughing at the cowboys dancing to the rap song....

"How to Save a Life" by the Fray reminds me of August 24th, 2009 for reasons you that know me probably could figure out.... 'nuff said....

"Merry Happy" by Kate Nash reminds me of my Junior Year because it was a great year and I feel like it made me grow a lot with all the things I was involved in and things with my friends...

"Highway to Hell" Glee's cover reminds me of my Junior year as well because I failed my 1st class ever that year 3rd quarter AP Us History with Mr. Wall..... I'm still doing summer school to make up that credit.... and my friend Chantelle and I used to drive around listening to this song a few times when we were hyper.....

"Kids" by MGMT reminds me of my Tech class this year and the amazing girls I met in it!!! We always has so much fun, going on trips downtown, naming strangers sleeping on TRAX, taking pictures, and basically being kids :D

"Young Forever" by Jay- Z ft. Mr. Hudson also reminds me of those girls and the fun times we still have today like we once had a tea party and wore Pink stick on Mustaches... if you don't believe me check my facebook pictures as proof.... we also took pictures outside random daybreak houses that were fun colors :D

"Bust a Move" by Young MC reminds me of my 1st DECA comp. with girls from my tech program. Lexi, Nikki, Massie, and Lindsay thanks to Mrs. Short hettin gus to join!!.... this was our Jam in our hotel room in layton.... one of the funnest weekends of my life.... we didn't place in finals but we still had a blast!!

"Out of my League" by Stephen Speaks reminds me of my friend Shannon who I got close to this year and summer...we always talk about boys and she is the one that introduced me to this song because she said she wanted the guy she falls in love to feel this way about her.. so now it reminds me of her and also of how a guy should treat/ feel about you if he loves you... cute I know.

"The way you make me feel" by none other than MJ... reminds me of girls camp because the first music Katie and I turned on while we were there was Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits....

"Vogue" by Madonna also reminds me of the GC because we listened to this on one of Laura's mixes while she gave us make overs.... she did a little dance for us and everything it was so funny I love her!!! she's such a great role model for me and the other girls :D

"Whatta Man" by En Vogue also is another GC memory because our amazing preisthood and cabin owner Jake did so much to help at camp and we all think Jen is one lucky girl to have someone so helpful and funny and not to mention talented and spiritual.... so the song fits.....

"Happily Ever After" by He is We might confuse you at first glance... but its more of a hope.... than an actual memory... I hope this song will remind me of my senior year and that I end up happy and I get to yell my its just a great song....

"Graduation (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C is also a song I hope will remind me of my senior year and my friends from high school... hopefully it will remind some of you of your graduations and high school.....

"Us" by Regina Spektor I hope will remind me of my college life and journeys that come after that as well..... mainly because I hope someone builds a statue of me and puts it on a mountain top or names a city after me..... the chorus also I think could remind me of it with the part that says "We are living in a den of thieves rumaging for answers in the pages.." because I know in college you learn alot about yourself and what you want the rest of you life to be about...I hope to search around for those answers.....

"Undeniable" by Mat Kearney is a memory and hope.... it reminds me and describes my friends and family so far in my life and I hope more friends and family to come in the future because you all are undeniable and the only ones in an unreliable world ;)... Chorus explains it all.....

"Fame" by Naturi Naughton is a hope too not because I want to be famous but because "I'm gonna learn how to fly and make it to heaven" and I hope "people cry when they see me"... in a good way.... and they will remember my name" in good times.....

"Jump rope" by Blue October is just a good summary of my life and it makes me happy and the lyrics really say what I can't..... its been good times... and hard times... but I have also gained great advice and experience..... life really is l"ike a jump rope, up and down"..... we gotta "hold our heads up high and watch all the negative go by".....

Finally the end....."May Angles Lead You In" by Jimmy Eat World..... I hope when I die angles lead me in..... and even now in all I do..... May angles lead you all in, in whatever it is you will go on and experience and accomplish....may you all "Deny, Deafeat, and RISE on victory's wings!"

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer is finally here.....and has been for a while...i'm awesome at this blogging thing....
But never the less this is what i have been up to this summer....


This is Laura, Katie and I doing our "Miley" lips after make overs

This is the Pre-hike photo you don't wanna see the post ones it was horrible.... but very accomplishing afterwards

The post-snipe hunt pictures (we made two beehives cry... sorry!! but i guess that means we did a good job right?)

Everyone at the end of camp.... It was AH-Mazing!! We had great crafts, leaders, girls, laughs, cries, and memories! I will miss it!!

Oh Yeah it was my birthday too...... but i don't have any pictures of that.... Dan and Ashley came down i ate a chicken heart and got 40$ perfume for it umm i got new clothes, jewlery, food, an elephant (stuffed... long story) and my mom also helped me make this......

This is something my mom and i's friend Mckenzie made on her blog
It's a hair accessories holder :D

Um lets see..... oh we have made it a tradition since my tech program got cancelled to see the girls everyweekend or close to it.... here are a few things we have done....

We went and got pedicures/ went to a mary kay thing for my birthday

We had a camp out but it rain to it just turned into a slumber party in lindsay's basement we ate so much food!!!

We also played games like imagine- iff!! it was so fun!

I love these girls!!!!!

We also went ice- blocking, had a swimming party at massies/ channing tatum night with pictures to come!!!

Also to come this summer.... the start of my SENIOR YEAR!! Yeah boy!! i am also going to nanny two cute little kids that live behind me cooper 2 and sophie 1.... and more tech parties obviously and some other fun adventures i hope to put up pictures of like going to the new sephora store and having hot european men sell me an my friends things.... :D

I also want to start doing something new on my blog ending all my posts with awesome quotes...

I got this one from my friend the amzing Laura's blog check it out

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100 things about me!

my mom and i were reading her friend DeAnn's blog the other day and she did this thing where she wrote 100 things about her so we both decided to try it as well....this is gonna be hard i hope i can get through it..... here goes nothin.....
1. i'm 5"6'
2.i have really long brown hair
3. i wear glasses
4. my favorite color is purple
5. my favorite food is lasagna or pizza(cheese)
6. i'm in a tech program at school for hospitality and tourism
7. i want to be an event planner or marketing specialist when i get older
8. i'm afraid to start college
9. i don't feel like i'm old enough to be a senior in 4 months
10. i'm glad i'm not an only child
11. i'm really frustrated with Jordan School District right now
12. i have 4 best friends and they know who they yes you are one
13. my family moves every 3 years EVERY 3 years
14. my friend matt supplies all the music i listen to i never choose it on my own
15. i miss my car
16. i drive a green mini van right now......
17. i'm 16
18. i have 1 sister and 2 brothers
19. i have 8 adopted sisters, 4 adopted brothers, 3 adopted nieces, and 4 adopted nephews
20. i speak french
21. i'm the historian for french club
22. i think i'm going to go to the U of U for college
23. i really have no idea where i want or am going to go to college
24. i reallllly really would like a new cell phone :D
25. aw crap i'm only at 25!
26. in math i draw houses with my friend ryan
27. english and AP history are my hardest classes
28. i got a 3.9 last year
29 this year i only have a 3.3
30. i go to copper hills high school
31. i have fibromyalgia
32. i miss my friends in idaho A TON!
33. i'm really random sometimes
34. when i'm bored i look at houses on KSL that i could never afford :D
35. my favorite shows on T.V. are Grey's anatomy, Glee, and project runway
36. I wish i could be on so you think you can dance or dancing with the stars
37. i really miss ballroom
38. none of the kids at my school can dance
39. i'm really excited for Brian Regan to come to utah this march!!!!
40. I'm listening to evacuate the dance floor right now and dancing even tho im sitting down....
41. i hate chemistry
42. hating chemistry makes me miss mrs. williams in 8th grade best science teacher ever
43. i have to go to mutual tonight
44. i really want to go to the last basketball game tonight tho...we play kearns
45. yes yes Y-E-S yes who can tell me what that is from
46. i just made cookies
47. i should be writing a history essay right now
48. i am really excited for my state DECA comp. thursday and friday
49. i go to copper hills but i am in jordan high school's DECA program :D
50. i am half way finished with this!
51. my middle name is Kymberlee....yes that is how you spell it
52. my birthday is june 6th
53. my arm hurts from typing
54. i don't really like pets
55. i LOVE shoes
56. my friend jessica thinks i have a shopping addiction
57. i hate but love facebook
58. i'm a really bad blogger
59. i wish i could do hair
60. i need a hair cut
61. this is getting harder
62. i have found i really like soccer players
63. if i really tried i could graduate high school with my Associates degree
64. i technically go to 4 schools, copper hills high school, jordan high school, jordan applied technology center, and salt lake community college.
65. my favorite candy flavor is watermelon!!!!
66. i love dr. pepper
67. i love the green bay packers
68. i hate the steelers, cowboys, broncos, and vikings
69. i really like football
70. i'm a BYU fan but don't want to go to BYU or BYU-I or BYU-hawaii
71. i don't really like rollercoasters
72. i like doing people's make up
73. i'm currently obsessed with nevershoutnever and taylor swift's today was a fairytale
74. i am ok with listening to the oldies
75. i don't really like listening to the radio
76. i like going to the dentist
77. i hate going to the doctor
78. i have gone to the er on january 1st two years in a row now
79. i had someone tell me today in seminary i should date my partner it was really awkward....
80. i hate baseball ahh gross
81. i was the cutest little kid EVER!
82. i want to dedicate a room in my house to card board cut outs i steal from movie theaters :D
83. i want to go to france
84. i want to live in new york for at least a year
85. i've never been to disney land
86. i don't really have the desire to go to disney land
87. i really like hair accessories
88. i love capri sun and fun dip too
89. fruit snacks you can never go wrong with them
90. my dream car would be a dodge charger or a nissan armada or a dodge truck...a big one!
91. i love reading but hate being forced to read
92. i like dishes but hate doing them
93. my favorite candy bar is twix
94. i have hot pink tights and i love them :D
95. if i could buy anything in the world it would be the eiffle tower or one pair of every shoe made in the world
96. i have a giant golden piggy bank
97. my mommy loves me and i'm her favorite child
98. i like wearing skirts and dresses
99. my finger nails are purple
100. i play guitar!
YES I MADE IT!!!!!! whooo go me! now if you just read this......its your turn haha jessica good luck!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well i keep up trends pretty well its been another 4 months since i have updated this thing! Go Me! a lot has happened since october last year.....i joined DECA at jordan high school thanks to my marketing teacher Mrs. Short its been so much fun! I'm going to state this week in Layton and i'm sooo excited! I've been very busy lately with french club and tech stuff and other things. Also since october daniel and krysta have been back home which was....uncomfortable to say the least going from just 4 people in the house to 6 again is very hard, but there gone again so its all good..... i've been getting ready to take the ACT hopefully in April and its been weird to see how fast growning up has gone. I've also started getting mail and e-mail from colleges i'm not ready for this i still feel like i should be in middle school.... Other than that tho things have been pretty good....Oh and i must give a shout out to Shawn White in all his hotness with his new half pipe gold medal, that double McTwist 1260 was absolutly amazing! Oh and to jessica i finally updated my blog....tell kyle i say hi ;) love ya'll and miss a lot of you too! have an awesome february!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

wow i havent' done this in a really long time! So much has been going on i've been so busy! School takes up most of my time these days... i have my tech program i'm doing for hospitality and tourism that i love it is so much fun and i'm learning more this past month in that class than i have the rest of the time i have been in school!! i'm also in AP american history and math 1010 that takes up a lot of time...i "get" to go to all the football games this year since andrew decided he is trying for a football scholarship too and is now the kicker for varsity and JV...i'm also doing french club council which is so fun but a lot of hard work! being in all these fun things has made me make new friends that i never would have met if i didn't do it! I think everyone needs to try something new its amazing how much you can learn and gain! Dan left for his mission almost two months ago now and its been hard but so amazing to see how much he has learned and he knows now that we lived in a bubble our whole lives living in utah and idaho haha. Krysta is off at SUU now and has been there for a while now too...she loved it at first and now she is a little homesick and is having roommate troubles she is thinking about transfering to somewhere else that would be "better for her" i think she thinks it was going to be more like BYU since it was still in utah and she has had a little culture shock! My parents are the same still working although my mom did break her ankle and sprained her knee playing KICKBALL at work....yeah my mother plays kickball! I got my license a while ago too and i'm very excited to get to drive to idaho..when my parents finally let me go....i'm hoping sometime soon!! well thats whats been up with me! i miss everyone in idaho and hope to get to visit soon!! love you all and have an AWESOME day :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Thoughts

So i was talking to Daniel today when it hit me......I'm going to be all alone this summer....let me explain...
Daniel had his final interview with the Bishop today and has his interview with the stake pres. to put his papers fully in and should get his call sometime very soon...he will be hopefully leaving this summer.
Krysta is going to SUU for her 1st year of college this fall and has orientation etc. going on this summer.
Marcus has a job and is only home at night any ways.
Dad and Mom both work too.
Liz works at night so Coop doesn't even need a nanny this summer....
This is weird...I have to do all the chores...i'll even have to start COOKING for my self at let me tell you I CAN"T COOK!!! The extent of my cooking skills is chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake, frosting, lasagna (with mama's help), and bagels!!! I"M NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THIS SUMMER.....Older siblings need to realize the travisty this causes leaving younger kids by themselves!!! I never thought i would miss my older brothers and sisters when they finally decided to leave but now i realize how much they did for me!
Marcus always knew how to solve hard problems,when something went wrong you would know to ask marcus what to do his ideas and imagination are limitless as how to solve things, and can make you laugh in ANY situtation.
Daniel was always willing to talk and was always my emotional support, i could trust him with anything. When he moved to Idaho I at least knew i could call or text him whenever i needed, with him on a mission its not that easy, letters take a while to get and he is supposted to be focusing on the work any ways, not my boy of friend problems at home.
Krysta was always a friend any friday i didn't have plans i could count on her to fill them for me. She always cooked dinner when mom wasn't home. She takes me to school, and to friends houses, lunch, on late night drives for no reason, and put up with my "white girl" dancing in the car when good songs come on the radio, as she puts it anyways.
I never realized how much i would miss them or how much they did for me and how important it is to have a strong family you can rely on. My parents will always be there for me but not in the same way my brothers and sister have been...These next two years i have left of high school and with out them is going to be an interstingadventure and i hope i can handle it. Good friends hopefully will come my way that will take their subsituted places, cuz my idaho friends of course are in Idaho...i don't know how i've made it through my first year of high school with out them...its been hard! Thanks to my mom and dad for creating such a loving, strong, and close family i have been able to rely on! And for the oportunity to move to idahp to create such good friends and role models! I will really miss my brothers and sisters as they start in "the real world" and on new missions in their lives. I already miss everyone in idaho and i hope you all know that and that i love you all so much!! Thank you to of course my father in heaven for bring all these amazing people into my life as well, with out him these next few years might seem impossible with out his comfort and guidence, reading my patriarchal blessing in sacrament today helped me realize all these things and how blessed i am. I hope you all realize the same and know how much you are loved!! wish me luck!