Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well i keep up trends pretty well its been another 4 months since i have updated this thing! Go Me! a lot has happened since october last year.....i joined DECA at jordan high school thanks to my marketing teacher Mrs. Short its been so much fun! I'm going to state this week in Layton and i'm sooo excited! I've been very busy lately with french club and tech stuff and other things. Also since october daniel and krysta have been back home which was....uncomfortable to say the least going from just 4 people in the house to 6 again is very hard, but there gone again so its all good..... i've been getting ready to take the ACT hopefully in April and its been weird to see how fast growning up has gone. I've also started getting mail and e-mail from colleges i'm not ready for this i still feel like i should be in middle school.... Other than that tho things have been pretty good....Oh and i must give a shout out to Shawn White in all his hotness with his new half pipe gold medal, that double McTwist 1260 was absolutly amazing! Oh and to jessica i finally updated my blog....tell kyle i say hi ;) love ya'll and miss a lot of you too! have an awesome february!

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