Sunday, October 4, 2009

wow i havent' done this in a really long time! So much has been going on i've been so busy! School takes up most of my time these days... i have my tech program i'm doing for hospitality and tourism that i love it is so much fun and i'm learning more this past month in that class than i have the rest of the time i have been in school!! i'm also in AP american history and math 1010 that takes up a lot of time...i "get" to go to all the football games this year since andrew decided he is trying for a football scholarship too and is now the kicker for varsity and JV...i'm also doing french club council which is so fun but a lot of hard work! being in all these fun things has made me make new friends that i never would have met if i didn't do it! I think everyone needs to try something new its amazing how much you can learn and gain! Dan left for his mission almost two months ago now and its been hard but so amazing to see how much he has learned and he knows now that we lived in a bubble our whole lives living in utah and idaho haha. Krysta is off at SUU now and has been there for a while now too...she loved it at first and now she is a little homesick and is having roommate troubles she is thinking about transfering to somewhere else that would be "better for her" i think she thinks it was going to be more like BYU since it was still in utah and she has had a little culture shock! My parents are the same still working although my mom did break her ankle and sprained her knee playing KICKBALL at work....yeah my mother plays kickball! I got my license a while ago too and i'm very excited to get to drive to idaho..when my parents finally let me go....i'm hoping sometime soon!! well thats whats been up with me! i miss everyone in idaho and hope to get to visit soon!! love you all and have an AWESOME day :)


Kandace Welch said...

It's about time you wrote something! I should have copied this into the family letter since your family is the only one not represented! Just kidding. I'm glad you're having so much fun in High School. It's a great time to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Now you'll be a pro when you get to college.

Anonymous said...

Culture shock is kind of an understatment there baby sis! I LOVE YOU! OH and you are not allowed to go to Idaho without me!

Tasha said...

Katee next time could you at least tell them that my run counted :o)
i love you!