Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100 things about me!

my mom and i were reading her friend DeAnn's blog the other day and she did this thing where she wrote 100 things about her so we both decided to try it as well....this is gonna be hard i hope i can get through it..... here goes nothin.....
1. i'm 5"6'
2.i have really long brown hair
3. i wear glasses
4. my favorite color is purple
5. my favorite food is lasagna or pizza(cheese)
6. i'm in a tech program at school for hospitality and tourism
7. i want to be an event planner or marketing specialist when i get older
8. i'm afraid to start college
9. i don't feel like i'm old enough to be a senior in 4 months
10. i'm glad i'm not an only child
11. i'm really frustrated with Jordan School District right now
12. i have 4 best friends and they know who they are..mom yes you are one
13. my family moves every 3 years EVERY 3 years
14. my friend matt supplies all the music i listen to i never choose it on my own
15. i miss my car
16. i drive a green mini van right now......
17. i'm 16
18. i have 1 sister and 2 brothers
19. i have 8 adopted sisters, 4 adopted brothers, 3 adopted nieces, and 4 adopted nephews
20. i speak french
21. i'm the historian for french club
22. i think i'm going to go to the U of U for college
23. i really have no idea where i want or am going to go to college
24. i reallllly really would like a new cell phone :D
25. aw crap i'm only at 25!
26. in math i draw houses with my friend ryan
27. english and AP history are my hardest classes
28. i got a 3.9 last year
29 this year i only have a 3.3
30. i go to copper hills high school
31. i have fibromyalgia
32. i miss my friends in idaho A TON!
33. i'm really random sometimes
34. when i'm bored i look at houses on KSL that i could never afford :D
35. my favorite shows on T.V. are Grey's anatomy, Glee, and project runway
36. I wish i could be on so you think you can dance or dancing with the stars
37. i really miss ballroom
38. none of the kids at my school can dance
39. i'm really excited for Brian Regan to come to utah this march!!!!
40. I'm listening to evacuate the dance floor right now and dancing even tho im sitting down....
41. i hate chemistry
42. hating chemistry makes me miss mrs. williams in 8th grade best science teacher ever
43. i have to go to mutual tonight
44. i really want to go to the last basketball game tonight tho...we play kearns
45. yes yes Y-E-S yes who can tell me what that is from
46. i just made cookies
47. i should be writing a history essay right now
48. i am really excited for my state DECA comp. thursday and friday
49. i go to copper hills but i am in jordan high school's DECA program :D
50. i am half way finished with this!
51. my middle name is Kymberlee....yes that is how you spell it
52. my birthday is june 6th
53. my arm hurts from typing
54. i don't really like pets
55. i LOVE shoes
56. my friend jessica thinks i have a shopping addiction
57. i hate but love facebook
58. i'm a really bad blogger
59. i wish i could do hair
60. i need a hair cut
61. this is getting harder
62. i have found i really like soccer players
63. if i really tried i could graduate high school with my Associates degree
64. i technically go to 4 schools, copper hills high school, jordan high school, jordan applied technology center, and salt lake community college.
65. my favorite candy flavor is watermelon!!!!
66. i love dr. pepper
67. i love the green bay packers
68. i hate the steelers, cowboys, broncos, and vikings
69. i really like football
70. i'm a BYU fan but don't want to go to BYU or BYU-I or BYU-hawaii
71. i don't really like rollercoasters
72. i like doing people's make up
73. i'm currently obsessed with nevershoutnever and taylor swift's today was a fairytale
74. i am ok with listening to the oldies
75. i don't really like listening to the radio
76. i like going to the dentist
77. i hate going to the doctor
78. i have gone to the er on january 1st two years in a row now
79. i had someone tell me today in seminary i should date my partner it was really awkward....
80. i hate baseball ahh gross
81. i was the cutest little kid EVER!
82. i want to dedicate a room in my house to card board cut outs i steal from movie theaters :D
83. i want to go to france
84. i want to live in new york for at least a year
85. i've never been to disney land
86. i don't really have the desire to go to disney land
87. i really like hair accessories
88. i love capri sun and fun dip too
89. fruit snacks you can never go wrong with them
90. my dream car would be a dodge charger or a nissan armada or a dodge truck...a big one!
91. i love reading but hate being forced to read
92. i like dishes but hate doing them
93. my favorite candy bar is twix
94. i have hot pink tights and i love them :D
95. if i could buy anything in the world it would be the eiffle tower or one pair of every shoe made in the world
96. i have a giant golden piggy bank
97. my mommy loves me and i'm her favorite child
98. i like wearing skirts and dresses
99. my finger nails are purple
100. i play guitar!
YES I MADE IT!!!!!! whooo go me! now if you just read this......its your turn haha jessica good luck!!


Tasha said...

101. i hope my mom doesn't spell check this.
102. i hope i don't get arrested for stealing card board people from movie theaters
103. i hope i never forget howmuch my mom had reading this!

Tasha said...

how much fun.
104.i hope my mom gets used to her bifocals

Kandace Welch said...

Travis's favorite thing to do when he's bored is #34 too! We miss you guys.