Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Thoughts

So i was talking to Daniel today when it hit me......I'm going to be all alone this summer....let me explain...
Daniel had his final interview with the Bishop today and has his interview with the stake pres. to put his papers fully in and should get his call sometime very soon...he will be hopefully leaving this summer.
Krysta is going to SUU for her 1st year of college this fall and has orientation etc. going on this summer.
Marcus has a job and is only home at night any ways.
Dad and Mom both work too.
Liz works at night so Coop doesn't even need a nanny this summer....
This is weird...I have to do all the chores...i'll even have to start COOKING for my self at let me tell you I CAN"T COOK!!! The extent of my cooking skills is chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake, frosting, lasagna (with mama's help), and bagels!!! I"M NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THIS SUMMER.....Older siblings need to realize the travisty this causes leaving younger kids by themselves!!! I never thought i would miss my older brothers and sisters when they finally decided to leave but now i realize how much they did for me!
Marcus always knew how to solve hard problems,when something went wrong you would know to ask marcus what to do his ideas and imagination are limitless as how to solve things, and can make you laugh in ANY situtation.
Daniel was always willing to talk and was always my emotional support, i could trust him with anything. When he moved to Idaho I at least knew i could call or text him whenever i needed, with him on a mission its not that easy, letters take a while to get and he is supposted to be focusing on the work any ways, not my boy of friend problems at home.
Krysta was always a friend any friday i didn't have plans i could count on her to fill them for me. She always cooked dinner when mom wasn't home. She takes me to school, and to friends houses, lunch, on late night drives for no reason, and put up with my "white girl" dancing in the car when good songs come on the radio, as she puts it anyways.
I never realized how much i would miss them or how much they did for me and how important it is to have a strong family you can rely on. My parents will always be there for me but not in the same way my brothers and sister have been...These next two years i have left of high school and with out them is going to be an interstingadventure and i hope i can handle it. Good friends hopefully will come my way that will take their subsituted places, cuz my idaho friends of course are in Idaho...i don't know how i've made it through my first year of high school with out them...its been hard! Thanks to my mom and dad for creating such a loving, strong, and close family i have been able to rely on! And for the oportunity to move to idahp to create such good friends and role models! I will really miss my brothers and sisters as they start in "the real world" and on new missions in their lives. I already miss everyone in idaho and i hope you all know that and that i love you all so much!! Thank you to of course my father in heaven for bring all these amazing people into my life as well, with out him these next few years might seem impossible with out his comfort and guidence, reading my patriarchal blessing in sacrament today helped me realize all these things and how blessed i am. I hope you all realize the same and know how much you are loved!! wish me luck!


Kandace Welch said...

Katee, that's awesome that Krysta is going to SUU and Daniel is almost on a mission! So exciting. I'm sorry that you'll be mostly on your own, but I'm glad that you have such good relationships with your siblings. That's so important. Good luck with learning how to cook. I'm still learning and I do it (almost) every night!

Jessica said...
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The Burila Bunch said...

Katee, you can come "pretend" to be the big sister/cousin in california for the summer. You could come back to Utah with a smokin' tan. And the kids would love to have you. We are leaving before your big 16 so I bet you turn us down... You can always come in July.

Tasha said...

Hey KATEE!!!!
Its vana and i just read your blog normally i dont read blogs so yours was the first!!! Haha you should feel special. its kinda wierd that im leaving you a comment because its your birthdAY right now and im sitting on the couch right accross from you so that just to show you that already you have friends during the summer like you said in your blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! BY THE WAY!!! We didnt get much sleep last night because we were playing guitar hero all night long so that explains why everything is so chill right now. But we are going to have a fun day for your birthday (and daniels)!!!! Thank you so much for having me come down to Utah and for being such an awesome friend!!! I look forward to all the good times to come!!!! Well anyway im going to go now because im talking to you on the computer rather than in person so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!!!