Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer is finally here.....and has been for a while...i'm awesome at this blogging thing....
But never the less this is what i have been up to this summer....


This is Laura, Katie and I doing our "Miley" lips after make overs

This is the Pre-hike photo you don't wanna see the post ones it was horrible.... but very accomplishing afterwards

The post-snipe hunt pictures (we made two beehives cry... sorry!! but i guess that means we did a good job right?)

Everyone at the end of camp.... It was AH-Mazing!! We had great crafts, leaders, girls, laughs, cries, and memories! I will miss it!!

Oh Yeah it was my birthday too...... but i don't have any pictures of that.... Dan and Ashley came down i ate a chicken heart and got 40$ perfume for it umm i got new clothes, jewlery, food, an elephant (stuffed... long story) and my mom also helped me make this......

This is something my mom and i's friend Mckenzie made on her blog
It's a hair accessories holder :D

Um lets see..... oh we have made it a tradition since my tech program got cancelled to see the girls everyweekend or close to it.... here are a few things we have done....

We went and got pedicures/ went to a mary kay thing for my birthday

We had a camp out but it rain to it just turned into a slumber party in lindsay's basement we ate so much food!!!

We also played games like imagine- iff!! it was so fun!

I love these girls!!!!!

We also went ice- blocking, had a swimming party at massies/ channing tatum night with pictures to come!!!

Also to come this summer.... the start of my SENIOR YEAR!! Yeah boy!! i am also going to nanny two cute little kids that live behind me cooper 2 and sophie 1.... and more tech parties obviously and some other fun adventures i hope to put up pictures of like going to the new sephora store and having hot european men sell me an my friends things.... :D

I also want to start doing something new on my blog ending all my posts with awesome quotes...

I got this one from my friend the amzing Laura's blog check it out


Johnston Family said...

Loves it!!! I love your blog, it is absolutely spactacular!!! Now we can be bloggin besties! Yay! You are so much fun, I love being around you! We need to take a little field trip to Sephora together ASAP!

Tasha said...

oh so cute! you have to help me! K