Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4th quarter

Its finally fourth quarter and things are slowin down again but only a little and at school...i'm still a dance captain for our stake in the temple celabration that is coming up on may 30th, which has taken up a lot of my time me and krysta help with warm-ups and just learned how to do the boot scoot (i don't know who to spell that is that right?) after like 5 years of time to forget it..lets just say we got taught by a 5 year old on AP euro test is may 8th that my teacher has us running scholastic marathons for and i have written a total of 5, 45 minute timed, essays in the past 2 weeks.. not to mention the prep tests as well.. we also are preping for CRT end of the year testing that starts april 23 or 28th, i don't remember i have also started drivers ed (finally) but my mom is TERRIFIED to drive with me so i only get to go with my dad on the weekends...maybe over spring break that will change... my last break until summer scary i know....but im kinda scared to get my lisence cuz of all the scary drivers out there but i cant wait to get a job so i can go to idaho more often (I really need to get a haircut from kenz and go shoe shopping with jess) and so i don't have to bug my parents about money to do stuff.... i am also going to the BYU language fair on the 16th for french which i am really excited about, my 2 months of memorizing le corbeau a la renard is finally paying off! I also am going to a lot of andrew's home soccer games which actually takes up most of my time soccer games are LONG! maybe i should start taking my homework with me but that would almost defeat the purposed of going to watch...his dad has gotten quite good at pimping me out on dates with him to get them to win which by the way we are undefeated (in varsity but not JV) and #2 in the state Riverton is our last team we have to beat to get #1!!!! I only have 52 days until i'm 16.....and 40 days left of school!! Before i go i just want to tell Jess happy b-day only 364 days until you are free!! love ya'll

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Jessica said...

oh Katee my dear. You are freaken too busy. Stop it. :) Yes you do need to come and go shoe shopping with me. That Andrew kid makes me suspicious. Hmmmmm. You CTR when you are with him. :D When do I get to meet this punk. haha well I miss your guts and love them too. Guess what. you get to come see me. YAYA!!! You missed painting cars with me. We went vandalizing this weekend after I went and saw the Hannah Montana movie bwahha dont judge me, it was actually pretty good. Twoo thumbs up. go see it. I think it is time for a counseling session after all this testing and dating stuff going on ;) love ya my katee. Muah