Wednesday, January 28, 2009

school registration already!!

In PAWS today i got my registration stuff for next year already! I feel like i just started 9th grade yesterday how can i be getting ready for my junior year?? I'm applying for 3 in high school college courses to recieve high school and college credit and taking another set of classes at the tech center that can give me 14 hours of college credit and a paid internship for my senior year... the course i'm taking is on hospitality and tourism..or buisness managment i think it will be fun and a job that is always in need so if times get hard i have a pretty good chance of not getting layed off!! Its still just so crazy to think that i'm already 1/2 way through high school and already getting ready for college i don't even know what college i want to go to...any suggestions?? I miss being in middle school and having things being so much more relaxed...i don't want to grow up yet!! But i guess its something we all have to just happens faster than we expect!


Jessica said...

I know how you feel. Next year is my last year of being a child. :(

Tasha said...

Jessi you will never stop being achild! i love that about you.
Katee you are so young i am sorry you have to wrry about being laid off. i love you and i can't believe you are growing up so fast.

The Burila Bunch said...

Katee-- I tagged you on my blog. I hope you will find a chance to be it. Love aunt sammie