Monday, January 5, 2009

random things

random things about me.....stupid tags....
my fav. color is purple
i can't even think about nails on a chalk board or i cringe
i hate talking about spit it makes me sick
i tare ligaments in my foot while getting my hair done
i'm terrified to grad. high school
my fav. class in school i P.E. (except running and push ups)
i love reality TV
i'm obsessed with grey's anatomy and the bachelor
my life goal is to be friends with as many people as possible..and visit france
i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up
whenever i listen to a song i always listen for ballroom dance beat never the lyrics
no one is cuter than cooper sophie and anden and never will be
i hate yellow cars
i can be really conseeded (and can't spell)
it can take me any where from 15 minutes to 4 hours to get ready
i don't really like wearing just a t-shirt and jeans but its functional
i hate people who get botox..they look fake and plastic
i am always cold and hate it
i pick fights with my brothers on purpose so i can fight them..and win!
i think that obama is funny something out of a cartoon
i am related to obama....distant cousin...we share a great grandpa i think
i want to marry someone in the milatary
i want black roses in my floral arangments at my wedding on the tables..i dont know why
i am obsessed with football go green bay...and BYU...and the eagles...cowboys and bronocos SUCK!!!
i hate checking e mails and
i compair people i meet to songs they remind me of...its kinda a not so good habit...
but that is me in a random nutshell that isn't quite complete but i didn't want to put anything else on here so love ya'll!

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Jessica said...

Katee my read you are crazy!! :D what song do i remind you of. I hope you are having a wonderful day> love ya.