Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 months later and not much has changed...but its going to

so yeah i haven't written in 2 months i blame the ap class and friends that seem to consume my life these days not to mention my mom and her blogs i read everynight cuz they make me laugh......... she just corrected my grammar on MY BLOG!!! who does that haha??? its like a really long text..... to everyone..... so anyways school has been amazing i love high school and i only got lost once it was...really bad.... but i had a really cute snake skin (faux) 3 inch pointed toe rampage shoe stolen yes just one i still have the matching one that goes with it. what does one do with one high heeled shoe??? stupid mom wouldn't want me to leave out my latest big money dispense...i got in a car accident with my sister...the two boys that rear ended us...were two of my best friends down here andrew and nathan.... we got out of the car and just laughed while my sister and her friends had a mental break down...we also asked the cop if we could sit in the back of his car...he told us only if we stole something from the maverick down the street..andrew actually thought about it just to get a picture what wont boys do to get their show off shot?? we lost our football game last night to west jordan...i was very disappointed cuz our defense wasnt in the game until 4th quarter...i'm pretty sure i offended our student body pres. but i guess its a good thing i 'm friends with stefan and diamond to keep me on tommy's good side.... my mom likes to tell all of our family about me and andrew and tell them that i have crush on him she even posted it on her facebook...he's not a crush.... that would mean that i would have a crush on silvana or jessica too do the words best friend mean and thing these days or does every body have to have a crush??? well thats all for my rant today so good bye again probably for another 2 months again bye love ya'll

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