Friday, August 15, 2008

school YUCK!!

so its been a really long time since i wrote last so a lot has happened!!! I got my schedule last friday for my first year at copper hills high school i'm not too excited about it i'm gonna get lost the school is SO big!! I like my classes tho i'm a TA for ballroom 3 and my locker is in a bad but good place bad cuz its far from my classes good cuz its by the gym and football teams lockers can you say JACKPOT!! how many sophmores can say they were surrounded by the entire football team and the soccer field is right outside!! I have some classes with people i know but not quite friends which i guess gives me opportunities to get to know more people but its still scary!! Sleeping out on the 24th was soo much fun the guys i was with drank so much vault and slurpee that they were shaking it was pretty funny!!! I've been odsessed with the olympics and michael phelps (can you say hot bod!) and the mens gymnastics the muscles on those guys are intense the control and mscle it takes to do some of that stuff is crazy!! I'm almost finished with my stupid AP and honors homework now i just have to finish my essay its so hard!!! Well i gotta go my olypmics are calling me love you all and miss all you idaho friends!!!

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Tasha said...

You have been tagged! Now you are supposed to write random things about you and then pass the tag on to your friends.