Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So my fashion show went really well i think i did pretty darn good!! Not to mention it was SO fun!! But the thing i'm most excited about is that vana comes home on the 3rd i haven;t talked to her in a month cuz she has been in europe can i just say i am SO jelouse!!!! But july is going to be so busy for me i have girls camp and a family reunion and camping in the 24th of july too and then baby sitting too and getting my stiches out (finally) and hanging out with friends..... but not my idaho ones i got in trouble...why you ask well.... I kinda went to a band pre-party for warp tour last friday night and didn't ask if i could go but i had sooooo much fun it was with story of the year and we were go cart racing cuz it was a private party there were only like 10 of us and then the band they are pretty cool guys not to mention kinda hott too!!! But i will still miss getting to see all my idaho friends i haven;t seen them in like 6 months!!!!I miss you guys!!


Jessica said...

You should FEEL BAD!!! :( : (

Jessica said...

dude update your blog